THERMOWAVE™ (Water heating)

Expansion tank designed for use in applications of heating hot water.

Thermowave™ expansion tanks are used in home and building installations where they have heating systems with tanks or hot water reserves for washing, cooking, showering, etc... In most systems a safety valve is installed to avoid that the system has a pressure higher than the maximum operating pressure. Unfortunately this creates the waste of both energy and hot water, when the water is expelled to the vacuum and the additional water must be filled and heated again. In order to avoid this safely, without the use of a safety valve, a ThermoWave™ expansion tank is used.
ThermoWave™ expansion tanks conserve water and energy, while safely maintaining the operating pressure of the system. They do it on a temporary basis, absorbing the volume of water instead of expelling it, which allows saving without waste. In addition, the ThermoWave™ expansion tanks use a water chamber built from the high-grade chlorobutyl membrane and virgin polypropylene linings to ensure that your drinking water remains clean and safe.

ThermoWave™ expansion tanks represent the best value for your investment as they are the pressure vessels with the best quality available today.

Certifications: CE/PED, WRAS, ACS, ISO:9001

No maintenance. 5 years warranty.